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Some feedback from the people that count
Recent Testimonials

Ulrich Kienle / December 2011, Family Custom trip 

You are a simply outstanding team at Blue Green! Our compliments and thanks for making our Patagonia Family Reunion memorable in every way ? the family came a long way from different parts of the world and you have gained fans for beautiful Patagonia You, your team and the guides (Lorena and Chico) had their hands full ? first with the gale force winds and burst window in Punta Arenas .. and then with the tragic wild fire in Torres del Paine .. and yet you were able to keep your cool, make alternate arrangements and not miss a beat with giving service excellence under some trying conditions. We have never experienced this level of hospitality in Chile before .. and Patagonia left a real impression on all of us.


Gina Mazza / January 2012, Estancia stay 

Thank you for making this all happen for us. I think the photos can speak better than my words. There is so much joy and happiness in our faces. It was the most memorable thing I have ever done with my girls. Our experience at Tercera Barranca made the trip and Carmen and Alberto were absolutely wonderful. PS. That Zodiac ride up the river was out of this world!! I feel so incredibly lucky that I found BlueGreen Adventures online. You have an awesome staff. Thank you from all of us, Gina, Courtney, Sondi, and Bella


Dianne Ford / March 2012, Glacier Ride 

My recent trip to Patagonia (March 2012) was the outcome of a long held ambition since first reading about the area as a child. It certainly lived up to all my imaginings, as both the horses and the landscape  were completely captivating. The photos I took in no way do justice to what I have seen!  The trip was made even more memorable by your skilled logistical organization of the trip and the great attentiveness with which we were all treated by the Blue Green staff. Sabine was a delightful guide and interpreter and never seemed to tire of calling out to us to catch sight of interesting views, fossils, trees etc. Her patience and enthusiasm appeared limitless. Panchi, our chef was quite simply a magician who could conjure great feasts in any conditions and over any sort of fire! Immaculately prepared, they would grace any restaurant table and always finished off with fresh herbs. The multi talented Alberto, drove us for miles, helped cook, rode with us and even taught us to dance Latin style on our final night. What a team! Thank you so much for making my trip perfect. Di Ford


Katie Lovengrove / March 2009. Riding.
"Amazing chef to produce my birthday cake in a camp site! I had a fantastic trip, never to be forgotten I feel so very lucky to have had this opportunity, fantastic guide, company, gauchos, only wish I could keep the horse"??

Caron Miller / Dec 2009. Riding.
"More than I ever imagined. I had big expectations and they were exceeded, the horses by far exceeded my expectations, the challenges were so great and the gauchos work very well as a team. Wow! I will tell everyone about this great adventure".

Lois Masterson / Jan 2010. Riding.
"I think it was extraordinary. The attention and every detail were amazing. Your crew- Chechin, Javier, Panchi and Megan really added so much pleasure, what wonderful people; I will miss all of you. Thank you! Muchas Gracias!"

Leigh Knodler / Jan 2009. Hiking.
"Wonderful. I had a really great time, it was physically challenging, but very rewarding everyone involved with the trip was so kind to us. We were very spoiled".

Flomar Maurrasse / Jan 2010. Hiking.
"GREAT TRIP! I think the organization was great. All the guides and meals were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Such nice people I would come back as soon as I can!"

Susan Ott Ralph & David Ralph / Jan 2009. Hiking.
"Our guide went slowly so that we were able to finish the hikes. She was at just the right pace for us, excellent, best possible. We were treated like royalty; we were impressed with the organization and friendly porters, drivers and hotel staff. We would recommend this trip to any people who love beautiful nature and outdoor activities".

Merry Duxbury / March 2009. Multi-sport
"Excellent, a great bunch of fun, hard-working and efficient people whom I feel are friends; fantastic countryside".

Todd Preston / Feb 2010. Hiking
"It was awesome I loved it!"

Katherine Whote / Dec 2009. Hiking.
"The cook was excellent. We had a wonderful time. Thanks"!

Sido Allegri / March 2010. Riding.
"This was a wonderful trip, the entire team made everything vey enjoyable and the horses were great. I will recommend this trip! Don't expect to lose any weight on it.. hohoho!"

Kevin Chmiel / February 2010. Hiking
"Kris was outstanding. A constant source of information about history, geology, flora, & fauna etc. She was with us for 24/7 and still had our interest at the end. Highly organized, dedicated and enthusiastic. A true treasure for Southern and Blue/Green".

Amy Maloney / February 2010. Glacier Ride.
"From start to finish, our trip truly felt blessed. We saw condors on the way to the penguin colony. Not just high in the sky. These condors swooped down and were surfing the wind right in front and to the side of our van, as if welcoming us and leading the way. Later in the trip, we saw a condor perched high on a hill with his wings outstretched. Chechin said he was drying his feathers.

We also saw the wild horses! Feeling their energy, our horses became antsy and within moments we saw a large herd of wild horses galloping through a clearing of trees on the next hill over. So exciting!

We had breathtaking views of every glacier and vista. We swam in Laguna Azul (just a few of us brave girls?Sabine included). And it was at Laguna Azul where we had our first night of spectacular stars. Sabine said it was one of the best night skies she has seen. The hotel our first and last night was excellent. A great stay after 20+ hours of travelling and an even better stay after nine nights camping. Your team showed great attention to detail. They were warm, welcoming, funny, and eager to help. I believe they genuinely wanted me to have an enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, and fun filled vacation.

Their passion for horses and Patagonia were evident. The cocktail hour - with appetizers and pisco sours - was something I began to look forward to each day. And the unexpected surprise of having our tents already set up on many days was fantastic (we especially loved that it was always a surprise.) I could go on and on. And I have been going on and on to my family and friends. All of whom are incredibly jealous of my adventures in Chilean Patagonia".

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