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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Hotels in Puerto Natales Patagonia Chile
The Singular Patagonia
The Singular Patagonia is the epitome of modern elegance standing on the shores of Last Hope Sound. This 57-room heritage hotel is in a former frigorífico, a cold-storage plant built in 1915 by British pioneers. The spacious rooms offer five star luxury while panoramic glass walls afford spectacular views onto the Pantagonian fjords.  Each room is furnished with an indulgently comfortable bed, large wooden desk and private seating area. Sit back and admire the view as oystercatchers and upland geese wade along the wind-whipped shoreline.

Puerto Natales, Southern Patagonia, Chile

Gateway to
Puerto Natales
Last Hope Sound
Torres del Paine National Park
Bernardo O'Higgins National Park

The award-winning culinary team use fresh local ingredients such as Magellan lamb, king crab and scallops to create delightful, imaginative twists on regional specialties.  The gourmet restaurants' sommelier can suggest the perfect Chilean vintage to complement your meal, from an extensive wine list.

57 Rooms + 3 Suites

Fully inclusive 3 day rates from $2,040 per person
Family rates available

Minimum stay
No minimum stay required.

What's included
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Open bar - except premium lists
Daily group excursions
Spa facilities
Transfers to and from Punta Arenas, Chile and to or El Calafate,  Argentina are included with 3 night stays. (NB: Extra cost of U$ 100 per person when both transfers are to El Calafate).
Transfers to and from El Calafate are included in 4 + nights stay.

Recommended for
Luxe seekers
Horse Riders
Remota's dramatic dark wood and felt exteriors and asymmetric pillars echo the basalt strata of the nearly Paine Massif, while  an eco-roof  of living grasses echoes the Chilean pampas.

Inside, the hotel offers lofty guest rooms with untreated lenga wood, slate floors with vibrant sunshine-yellow accents. Huge jagged-cut windows bring the splendor of the Patagonian wilderness into the spacious and comfortable interiors. A central open courtyard with scattered boulders overlooks glaciers across the water the distant peaks of the Torres del Paine just over 40 miles away. A contemporary modernist delight.


Puerto Natales, Southern Patagonia, Chile

Gateway to

Last Hope Sound
Puerto Natales
Southern Fjords

Remota's cuisine is considered the best in the region. Chilean chef Rene Espinoza creates dishes using fresh, natural and organic products. He hand selects the ingredients, fish and shellfish from Puerto Natales and fruit grown in local orchards.

72 spacious double rooms

Fully inclusive 3 day rates from $2,250 per person
Special childrens' rates available.

Minimum Stay
There is  a minimum booking requirement of three nights

What's included

Breakfast, snacks, appetizers, lunch and dinner
Open Bar
Daily group excursions lead by a bi-lingual guide
Use of spa and heated swimming pool
Transfers to and from Punta Arenas airport. El Cafalate, Argentina transfers are also available for a minimum of 2 guests.
Music room

Recommended for