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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Riding in Torres del Paine
National Park Patagonia
Riding in Torres del Paine, Patagonia and elsewhere in Chile
Southern Patagonia in Chile is perfect riding country. Unhindered by fences, roads or urban development, riders can canter for miles and miles on soft pampas beneath towering granite peaks surrounded by the immense beauty of the southern ice cap.

Guided by an expert Chilean guide and looked after by baqueanos, the famous cowboys of the south, Blue Green Adventures will take you deep into this riders' paradise away from the main trails and into the Patagonian wilderness.

We were the first company to offer long riding trips in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia and our ground-breaking itineraries, quality guides, professional service and years of experience have made these some of the world's most unforgettable riding experiences.

Specializing in both scheduled riding tours with small intimate groups of experienced riders and custom departures for couples, families or groups we can organize a riding vacation to suit just about anybody.

Starting out nearly 15 years ago with our flagship Glacier Ride, we introduced riders to the jaw droppingly beautiful scenery in southern Chile and especially Torres del Paine with our offering of exciting and fast paced riding expeditions on fit Criollo horses.

We have grown since those early days but our Glacier Ride remains unchanged. We also now offer a more comfortable version of this camping ride (see Estancia Ride) in addition to some shorter taster riding trips both in the south and other parts of Chile. And of course we now have many other trips available offering everything from yoga to whale watching so please feel free to look around the site.
Our horses are Criollos and Criollo crosses. Descendants of the Spanish Barb and Arab, the Criollo is a sturdy, sure-footed and willing ride. Generally fairly small by European standards at between 14.2 and 15.0 hands, they are strong nonetheless.
After riding from Argentina to Washington in the 1930s, A F Tschiffely wrote:
I have been able to prove that the Criollo horse is worthy of the reputation he has always held among the few that really know him, namely that of being second to none for continuous hard work under any conditions.
(A F Tschiffely, Tschiffely's Ride)

We are able to provide good horses for both experienced riders and those who are more rusty. The pace of the ride is adjusted by the guide to suit the majority of riders but as we always travel with more than one horseman, there is flexibility within the group and riders soon find their own pace for the trip. Riders are not responsible for grooming or tack. Horses are checked constantly for injury and/or lameness or tiredness. When necessary (and where it is practical/possible) horses will be changed. Most of you will experience at least one horse change during the course of your riding days.
The tack is Chilean and comprises metal framed saddles onto which is layered felt, sheepskin and leather. Rope, rawhide and leather form the bridles, girths, straps etc. The saddles provide adequate comfort for the long riding days and the stirrups consist of a leather cup through which the foot cannot pass. Most of the horses are ridden in simple snaffles. Halters are worn throughout the ride with a rope tied around the horses neck to enable us to tie up at lunch stops/rest stops.
Fitness and riding experience
Riders on the scheduled trips need to be experienced. As a general rule, you should be able to control a horse on open ground at the canter and be used to riding in open spaces. You should also be fairly fit and comfortable with long days in the saddle. Most riding days consist of between 25 - 40 kilometres on varied terrain.

On multi-activity trips, taster rides, custom and family departures we can accept riders of a lesser standard.

Horse riders unsure of their riding experience or those of you who would prefer to ride as a couple or small family group might prefer a custom trip. Please contact us for more details.

Custom or scheduled rides in Patagonia
Riders can choose a scheduled group horseback tour (see departure dates on the respective trip page) or we can arrange any of our itineraries as a custom or private trip. We are one of the few operators able to work in such a flexible way and we do not penalize private clients, other than by introducing the standard small group supplement that would be payable on a scheduled tour. We can also combine riding with other activities such as kayaking or trekking.
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