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Tierra del Fuego

Wildlife at the end of the earth

Hotels and Lodges

Tailor made luxury in Patagonia

Antarctica Flying Visit

Sail and fly five day tour

The W Trek Plus
a Walk on the Ice

Boat Expeditions into
Patagonia's Fjords

Short Trips in Chile, Argentina and Antarctica
Measuring 4300 miles from top to tip, Chile is one of the most diverse countries on earth, it's landscape ranging from scorched deserts in the north to icy wildernesses in the south. BlueGreen Adventures' unique short trips will help you cram in as much of it as possible.

We also offer short compact adventures in neighbouring Argentina and Antarctica, taking care of your travel arrangements in between if required.
short trips in chile
Torres del Paine National Park
As well as some of the best scenery in the world, Torres del Paine has over 160 miles of trekking and riding trails. For kayakers and fisherman, there are numerous lakes and rivers.

Choose from these short adventures which include, riding, kayaking, fishing and trekking.

This 600-mile long sun-blasted plateau is the driest - and oldest - desert on earth. It has barely rained here for three million years, and the landscape is from another planet. Place names like Valley of the Moon and Valley of Death give the game away, but Atacama also has geysers, volcanoes, thermal pools and salt flats and lakes, where flocks of pink flamingoes roam and wildflowers bloom.

It's also a mecca for stargazers who come here for crystal-clear skies and no light pollution.

Chilean Wine Region
Our wine-tasting tour of Chile's wine valleys rivals any in Europe with sunny valleys backed by snow-clad mountains, boutique hotels, an emerging foodie scene and, of course, world-class wines.
Short Trips in Argentina
Los Glaciares National Park
Argentine Patagonia's most spectacular national park has the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier in the north and the trekking hub of El Chaltén in the South. See both with our four-day tour trekking and sightseeing tour.
Tierra del Fuego
Set off from the world's southern-most city, along the world's southern-most highway to the Land of Fire (Tierro del Fuego), 63 squares miles of untouched forests, glaciers and lakes.
This popular sail-out, fly-back five-day Antarctica Tour is packed with unforgettable sights: the Drake Passage, Cape Horn, the Antarctic Convergence, the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica itself, explored on foot and by Zodiac.

Hidden in the north of Patagonia are the rich forests and waterways of Aysén. The forests are dense and opaque, covered with vegetation, moss and lichen. The waterways are found in many forms, from the enormous lakes that stretch across the land to crystal clear rivers, tumbling waterfalls, pristine fjords and frozen ice in the form of glaciers.

As with the south of Patagonia, the landscape is captivating and includes a unique network of tunnels and caves known as the Marble Cathedral located on General Carrera Lake. Kayaking, rafting, fly fishing, trekking are all possible in this area. Contact us for ideas.
Cochamó Valley
Chile's version of Yosemite has scenery to match but not the crowds, having only been discovered by trekkers in the 1990s.

BlueGreeen's four-day Cochamó trek takes you to La Junta, a lush grassy valley hidden behind massive granite domes, and up on to Cerro Arco Iris (Rainbow Hill).