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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Worth protecting: a Guanaco in Patagonia
BlueGreen's Ecotourism Policy
Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy
Ecotourism is defined as environmentally responsible travel that promotes conservation, has low negative visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socioeconomic involvement of local populations. Ecotourism is increasingly being promoted as travel that does not harm local ecosystems and cultures. The United Nations declared 2002 The International Year of Ecotourism in recognition of the industry's potential to foster sustainable development.

BlueGreen Adventures is committed to providing authentic and unique experiences for conscientious travellers visiting the pristine wilderness areas that make up Torres del Paine National Park and the surrounding areas. We do so in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment while raising environmental awareness and providing information about the unique features of this World Unesco Heritage site.

In addition, we endeavour to create employment and hire locally as a company preference thus infusing badly needed wages in this very poor region. We are working towards Green Globe certification as evidence to all of our long term commitment to environmental and socially sustainable practices.
Our Social Commitment
To employ local people as company policy;

To encourage guests to interact with the local people encountered on trips and visits in the field, on farms and in guesthouses;

To invest in local projects, partnerships and people by providing funding, expertise and training;

To educate our guests as to the difficulties experienced by living in this remote region and make them aware of how their visit helps local people directly;

To source meat, poultry, fish and produce from local growers;

To use small family run, locally owned guest houses and farm houses over foreign owned hotels wherever possible;

To communicate our goals and performance in the Green Globe 21 programme to all our staff, neighbours, National Park authorities, suppliers and the local community;

To supply our indicator measures to Green Globe 21 annually  as evidence of our improvement and commitment to levels set by them;

To review this policy annually to ensure it is current and relevant to our current operation.
Our Environmental Commitment
To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation;

To comply with the National Park environmental rules and regulations;

To minimize the amount of waste generated by recycling and reusing as much waste as possible;

To monitor and minimize our use of energy, emissions, water and materials;To treat and reuse all grey waters used at the campsite and lodge;

To use horses for moving equipment and luggage within the National Park over vehicles whenever possible;

To encourage the use of bulk dispensers in bathrooms for soaps and cleaning products so as to create less waste;

To discourage the feeding of wildlife;

To encourage responsible practices by local lodges, campsite owners and hoteliers to foster a similar philosophy and resulting protection of the environment.
Research demonstrates that supporting local businesses that protect pristine natural areas helps to ensure their sustainable future. We have never been more aware of the need for conscious living and this extends to all aspects of our lives. BlueGreen invites you to join us in a travel experience that positively impacts the people and places we treasure.

Codigo de Conduct tel Turista Responsable
For more information about sustainable tourism and eco tours please visit the following links:
The World Tourism Organization

The United Nations Sustainable Tourism Program

The International Ecotourism Society Ecotravels in Latin America

Magellan Woodpecker
Local Culture