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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Patagonia is a natural playground for children
Family Trips
Patagonia is an excellent place for children to experience nature at its most raw and awe-inspiring. Chile is one of South America's safest countries and crime is virtually unknown in rural areas.

There are no water-borne or parasitical diseases such as cholera or guiardia and the Chileans possess a charming warmth of character and love of children that is rare to see at home.
With a well-planned and sensible itinerary and armed with a good pair of binoculars, children will love the freedom and excitement that comes from travelling in this superb natural playground.

Whether you want to head south to Patagonia, or spend time in the more gentle Lake District or the Central Valley, we can help you design a suitable itinerary.

With a wealth of experience of organizing family travel we realize travel with children has its own challenges and we endeavor to take the stress out of the experience both in the planning stages and during the trip itself. Let us help with the planning and you can enjoy a well earned rest and time with family.

On all our family itineraries we have considered the suitability and practicality of the destinations, the accommodations and the activities. This can only be achieved with extensive personal knowledge and experience. All the areas we recommend we have visited personally with children and these first hand reviews have shaped our itineraries.
Patagonia Family Adventures in Torres del Paine
Patagonia is a magnificent destination for families. We offer a number of published Torres del Paine itineraries that are suitable for families with children and we customize many more.

The 4-day Family Tour and the 6-day Family Adventure (detailed left) are appropriate for children of any age including the very young.

During these trips our aim is to keep the days active and interesting but to avoid the long hikes, rides or drives that children and consequently their parents find tedious and challenging. As with all our trips, a dedicated vehicle and guide ensure full flexibility and spontaneity during your time in Patagonia.

The new Patagonia Family unplugged is aimed at older children, the idea being to persuade them off their mobiles and tablets and into nature. There is plenty to reward adults and children on this unique trip; sleeping on board a yacht, kayaking close to the face of a towering glacier and even fishing in the fjords for dinner.

In Patagonia, camping is possible and highly recommended for families. Whether you want to experience wild camping, frontier-style with pack horses and all the gear provided or whether you prefer to camp close to showers and decent bathrooms, we can arrange this. To keep things simple we include all the equipment and a cook to prepare the meals.

Estancia stays are interesting and rewarding for families. They offer a unique insight into Patagonian culture and depending on the time of year children can witness local customs such as shearing or moving of sheep. The estancias we use offer a genuine warm welcome and plenty of space for the kids to wander making the experience a very special one

Travel in Patagonia can be hard to organize without local knowledge. For many of the families who visit us, knowing we are local and on hand to deal with any hiccups gives them the confidence to consider an area they might otherwise have missed.

Whale Watching in Patagonia
We are pleased to offer two Whale Watching trips that expose you to whales and other marine life in Chile's first protected marine Park accessible out of Punta Arenas.

Seeing whales and dolphins at close quarters is sure to delight the children and with options to sleep on a boat or in comfortable dome tents these trips immerse you into some of Patagonia's awesome landscapes while introducing you to some of its magnificent wildlife. The feedback received from families who have joined these trips has been excellent.

Refer to our 3-day Whale Watching Eco Tour which takes you on an ocean journey to an Island eco camp or our 2-day Whale Watching Safari, a short sweet live-aboard journey in search of whales, dolphins and other marine life with two nights spent on a comfortable cruiser.

Both these trip options combine extremely well with Torres del Paine and there are good discounts for children with some family cabins available on the Whale Watching safari.

Family Custom Travel
The itineraries published here are meant to give you an idea of what can be arranged. We regularly design one-off itineraries for families that incorporate segments of different itineraries in different parts of Chile. These trips can incorporate as much (or as little) adventure as you like, your preferred accommodation and activities. In short a tailor made trip to suit all your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze the specific needs of our clients and come up with an attractive, realistic and practical itinerary. This is hard to do without local knowledge.
When is a good time to visit Chile including Patagonia
Depending on the ages of your children, we offer family trips to Chile and Patagonia throughout the year.

Chile's weather is hard to generalize owing to the fact that from north to south the country includes 7 climatic sub-zones from one of the driest deserts in the north to alpine tundra and glaciers in the south.

The majority of visitors do so during the southern hemisphere summer between October and April. However for those of you who are limited to travel during the northern hemisphere summer you should not rule the country out. There are plenty of year-round options which include hiking in the Atacama Desert; a stay at the Eco Reserve of Huilo Huilo; a Winter Waterways trip to Patagonia with yachting out to a remote glacier and kayaking and of course a stay in the central valley of Santiago and the coast.

Obviously we provide full advice on packing and the best locations according to your available time and season. For Patagonia this is especially important but with the right preparation and a well planned and flexible itinerary there is no reason why you should not enjoy your time here at any time of the year.

Other Family Options throughout Chile
We are constantly increasing our family options in Chile and offering new trips and experiences that are suitable for children. Although our base is Patagonia we work with a number of reliable partners in other parts of Chile. These partners offer the same ethos we do and we are able to string the elements of your Chile experience together to come up with one Chile trip to suit your needs.

We include the following areas: Atacama Desert (guided nomad safaris and multi-activity trips available or fully inclusive stays at a hotel); The Lake District, stay on the quirky nature reserve of Huilo Huilo (detailed left) or join a multi-activity trip in the Puelo Valley and Puerto Varas area; Aysen and Lake General Carrera (including hiking in Cochamo); Santiago and the Central Valley (culinary, wine, cultural and beach tours all available); Argentine Patagonia including el Chalten, el Calafate and Bariloche; Tierra del Fuego (both the Chilean and Argentine sides); Whale Watching and boat trips in the southern Straits of Magellan and Brunswick Peninsula and the fabulous white continent of Antarctica.

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