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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
A Gentoo Penguin in Antarctica
Travel to the most remote place on earth
Antarctic Facts
Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest, most inhospitable and remote continent and yet many intrepid travelers dream of experiencing the thrill of such utter isolation. Antarctica, The White Continent, the ultimate wildness.

Twice as big as Australia, an ice sheet covers around 98% of Antarctica's surface. It contains 90% of the world's ice and 70% of the world's fresh water. At its thickest point the ice sheet is almost a mile deep.

Astonishing views greet the Antarctic traveller, icescapes stretching as far as the eye can see, unscalable mountains, colossal icebergs, frigid seas sustaining abundant wildlife and silence.

Abundant Wildlife
The White Continent is home to an incredible array of wildlife that have adapted to survive in these harsh conditions. Krill-rich seas abound in Humpback, Minke and Orca whales, dolphins, fur seals and sea lions; while the land hosts colonies of Chinstrap and Adelie penguins and sea birds populate the air, albatros, shuas and petrels.

What trips can we offer?
Here at BlueGreen we offer five Antarctic adventures. The trips vary from five to eleven days in duration, starting from either Ushuaia in southern Argentina or Punta Arenas in southern Chile.

We can organise your polar adventure to suit the way you want to experience Antarctica.

Sail through Antarctic waters to the legendary Cape Horn, across Drakes Passage and land at a penguin colony for close up views. Click on Antarctic Peninsula

Experience the thrill of a whale safari aboard a Russian icebreaker pushing far south into the whales' feeding grounds, seize the opportunity to camp over night in the twilight or brave a sea kayak. Click on Antarctic Whale Safari

Gaze upon the unimaginable by joining a  boat expedition charting a course across the Antarctic Circle at 66°33'S. Feel the thrill of excitement that the first adventurers to this continent felt as you experience this remote pristine beauty up close and personal. Click on Antarctic Circle Voyage

About the boats
All our trips are on small cruise ships (maximum capacity 93) these vessels can go where the big ships cannot, taking you to remote destinations. The ships are equipped with sturdy inflatable motorized boats (Zodiacs), offering the opportunity of frequent shore landings and access to small and shallow areas for a more intimate experience. We can take you up close to Antarctica's breathtaking nature and majestic wildlife.

Safety First
The companies we work with prioritize safety. All the craft have ice-strengthened hulls making them ideally suited for expedition travel in Antarctica.  Weather changes are frequent in the south making no journey the same. The Expedition Teams set the voyage route to take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature, making every journey a unique experience.

Southern Specialists
However you choose to experience Antarctica we can tailor a trip to meet your needs, providing you with a unique once in a lifetime experience to one of the remotest places on earth.

With an office in the south, local knowledge and people on the ground we can take care of your entire trip whether it involves a voyage through the southern ocean or a trek through the southern Andes. These trips are a great extension to your overland Patagonian adventure in either Torres del Paine or Los Glaciares National Parks.

Contact us for itinerary ideas and availability.

Navigating the ice
Zodiac landings