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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Cerro San Cristobal Cable Car above Santiago
Chile Travel Tips
Chile occupies a strip of land 4300 miles long and barely 200 miles wide between the Pacific and the Andes. Stretching from Cape Horn to Peru in South America, this corridor is crammed with glaciers, ice fields, volcanoes, lakes, fertile valleys, sunny beaches, deserts and pristine wilderness. It's an unbeatable destination for any holiday, from an action-packed adventure to a peaceful beach and wine tour.
Chile is also one of the safest countries in South America and, not surprisingly, Chileans love helping others discover it.
Activities in Chile
Anything is possible: world class rafting, kayaking and fly fishing on the Futaleufu river; surfing big waves around Pichilemu; skiing in Portillo; camping and hiking in the northern deserts; boat rides and road trips through the Lake District among alpine lakes and snow-capped volcanoes; relaxing in spas in northern Patagonia; wine tasting in the wine valley close to Santiago; shopping and being seen in the Providencia and Bellavista neighbourhoods of Santiago; hiking and riding across the gem of Patagonian's southern landscape, the Torres del Paine National Park.
While we specialize in operating trips in Chilean Patagonia we have recently launched a menu of new trips both in the south and other parts of Chile (and Argentina).

The trip suggestions on our site can be booked in isolation or strung together to form a longer multi-destination trip. Feel free to browse this site and contact us if you need help or advice.

Whether its an all-inclusive stay at a luxury estancia in Argentina, a few days wine tasting in Santiago or 3 nights relaxation at a beautiful mediterranean-like beach resort we can help you with your planning.
Travel Tips
Time Zone GMT minus five in winter and GMT minus three in summer. Daylight saving begins the second Saturday of March and ends the second Saturday of October.
Opening Times
Banks Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm. Shops Usually from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm (later in larger towns).
Ten per cent. See FAQ for tipping while travelling in the Park.
Tap water is safe to drink in large towns and cities. Bottled water is probably safer in rural areas and also in the Atacama desert where tap water contains arsenic. See FAQ to see what to drink while travelling in the Park.
Visas and passports
Visitors from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay need only national identity cards. Canadians, most western Europeans, Americans, New Zealanders and Australians can travel to Chile visa free for up to 90 days. Americans visiting for the first time will have to pay a one-off reciprocity fee of $140, which is valid for the life of their passport. The Chilean government levies the fee in response to a similar fee levied by the US for processing visas for Chilean nationals. Similarly, Canadians pay $55 and Australians $34. Payments must be made in cash when arriving by air.

Please check the up to date position with the Chilean Embassy in your country of residence.
No mandatory vaccinations are required to enter Chile. However, we recommend that routine immunizations such as Tetanus and diphtheria are up to date. Polio is recommended if you have never had it. Children's immunizations should be up to date and include all the above plus pertussis, hib, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella. Hepatitis A is also strongly recommended both for adults and for children. There is no malaria in Chile.

If you have any concerns or want to check the latest situation, please visit an appropriate centre in your country of residence.


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