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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Lake District and fjords  Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Puerto Mott. Transfer to Llanchoe Island. Camp
Clients arrive in Puerto Montt.

We then drive down the famous Carratera Austral (the southern highway) and cross the Reloncavi estuary to Hornopiren. Here we board our 50 foot support vessel before heading to Los Ciervos Island.

After stopping for a leisurely lunch in a picturesque cove we sail onto Llancahue Island.

Here we climb into our sea kayaks for instruction and practice session with our experienced guides.

Afterwards we spend the night at our camp on Llanchoe Island.

Includes lunch and dinner (including wine/drinks with dinner).
Beautiful Lake District
Day 2: Paddle Llancahue Island to Quintupeu Fjord. Camp
After breakfast, we begin the wild part of our sea kayak adventure. We launch our kayaks near the entrance to Quintupeu Fjord,where the German battleship Dresden hid out during World War I.

The sheer slopes, cut by countless waterfalls tumbling off the heights, are covered with lush vegetation that hangs over our heads. As we glide along under this lush canopy, we try to catch a glimpse of dolphins jumping near our kayaks.

At nightfall, we camp at the end of the Quintupeu Fjord.

All meals included (including wine/drinks with dinner).

Volcanoes and Lakes
Day 3:Paddle Cahuelmo Fjord. Hot springs. Camp
This morning we set off to navigate down to Cahuelmo Fjord, stopping at the entrance to see if there are any sea lions at play. We will not stop for long though because we want to paddle to the far end of Cahuelmo in time to get up the river, or hike through the wild tidal flats.

Finally, we take a relaxing dip in Cahuelmo Hot Springs before turning in for the night.

All meals included (including wine/drinks with dinner).

Support Boat
Day 4: Paddle Comau Fjord to Porcelana Hot Springs. Camp 
Our goal for today's journey is Porcelana Hot Springs. On the way, we stop at the settlement of Huinay and hike up a glacial valley surrounded by snow capped mountains.

From this village we cut straight across Comau Fjord to Porcelana. Here we pitch camp in a lush green pasture before head for the tidal pools of hot water surrounded by magnificent scenery.

All meals included (including wine/drinks with dinner).

Fjords and waterways
Day 5: Paddle Comau Fjord to Leptepu. Hot springs. Camp
After breakfast we paddle down to the end of Comau Fjord to Leptepu. We pass stunning snow-capped peaks on our way to a secluded corner in a setting of plunging waterfalls and virgin forests. We also see a lagoon, teeming with wildlife, which we can reach by kayak at high tide.

In the afternoon we return to Porcelana, offering the chance for another long relaxing soak in the hot springs.

All meals included (including wine/drinks with dinner).

Fascinating sea lions
Day 6: Sail Comau Fjord. Return to Puerto Montt
Early this morning we board our support vessel to navigate up Comau Fjord to Hornopiren, where we will take the road back to Puerto Montt in time catch an evening transfer to Santiago or southern Patagonia.

All meals included.

Group of paddlers