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GO Puerto Natales Chile +56 (61) 2411 800
Into Mountain Channels
Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Kayak to Canal Santa Maria. Camp
To start the trip we will collect you from your hotel in Puerto Natales and load our transfer vehicle with all the equipment. We will take a short barge trip (10 minutes) that will take us to the Antonio Varas Peninsular. Once we reach the Peninsular we will drive approximately 40 km to get to the shore where we will begin our kayaking adventure.

After a group meeting and safety briefing where we will familiarize ourselves with the equipment and technique we will begin paddling out into the pristine Canal de las Montanas towards Canal Santa Maria.

After an afternoon paddle we will arrive at our nearby basic campsite with no facilities.

Lunch and dinner included (with wine at dinner). Meals prepared by guide and camp cook.
Wild Camping
Days 2 - 5: Paddle trough Canal de las Montanas. Camp
This trip will take you deep into the remote fjords known as Canal de las Montanas (Mountain Channels) where we will be able to paddle up close to immense valley glaciers.

Along the way we will be able to see 'Conjunto La Paz' (group of white mountains) and Burney Volcano, the southernmost mountain volcano in South America.

As we paddle further into the Canal de las Montanas we will pass the Sarmiento mountain range with its impressive glaciers and summits. We will be able to camp next to the Zamudio Glacier (an impressive wall of ice) before going on to explore the rarely visited Bernal, Herman, Alsina and finally the Paredes Glacier as we continue paddling towards the end of the Canal de las Montanas.

Within our first four days paddling and exploring the fjords, we will see kingfishers in their natural habitat and hope to have playful dolphins accompanying us on our journey.

Covering a total of 115 km we will reach a site where we will set up a moving camp. These sites will be basic with no facilities, just the lapping waters of the river, occasional thunderous roars as ice calves off nearby glaciers and the enormous Patagonian skies to lull you to sleep.

All meals included with wine while camping. Meals prepared by guide and camp cook.
The journey begins
Days 6 - 9: Paddle to the Barros Arana Peninsular. Camp.
The following morning we will begin our return through the Canal de las Montanas with a panoramic view of all the glaciers we have visited along the way.

This part of the journey usually takes around four days during which we will continue to navigate through the Morla Vicuna Passage, Kirke Passage and the Barros Arana Peninsular where we will begin to see Estancias in the distance.

Each night the guide will decide on a suitable place to camp based on distance and weather conditions.

All meals included with wine while camping.

Meals prepared by guide and camp cook.

Panoramic Views
Day 10: Transfer back to Puerto Natales.
Today we will paddle through Obstruccion fjord where we will have a privileged view of the Rotunda Mountains.

After our last morning paddle we will reach the shore where we will  meet our transfer vehicle for the drive back to Puerto Natales for a well deserved rest.

For clients wanting accommodation in town, there are plenty of hotel options to suit every taste and budget. Just contact us for ideas.

All meals included (wine/drinks available at extra cost).

Transfer out