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Antarctic Peninsula Adventure Itinerary
Day 1: Embark Ushuaia
Today is the first day of our adventure.

Clients will board the One Ocean Navigator or the One Ocean Voyager in Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city at the tip of Argentina.

We will begin to familiarise ourselves with our 'home' for the next 11 days.

In the early evening we set sail to begin our voyage, leaving Ushuaia behind to chart a course through the Beagle Channel.

All meals included while on board (excluding drinks)
Akademik Ioffe
Days 2 to 3: The Drake Passage
Today we begin to cross the Drake Passage as we make our way ever closer to the white continent.

Clients can soak up the friendly atmosphere onboard as our numerous Polar experts prepare us for our adventures with presentations on everything Antarctic, from wildlife to history.
Eventually we will cross the Antarctic Convergence where clients will notice a distinct drop in temperature as we enter the waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

On our journey we will witness spectacular sights from colosall icebergs to an array of seabirds and several whale species cresting the waves in close proximity.

All meals included (excluding drinks)
Humpback Whale
Days 4 to 8: Sail around Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula is a 1300km-long chain of mountains in the northwest of the Antarctic Continent. It has Antarctica's mildest climate - a habitat for an abundance of marine mammals and birds.

During our voyage we hope to spend as much time as possible exploring the waterways of the Antarctic by inflatable Zodiac boats allowing us to observe nature's glory close up.

Depending on weather conditions we will explore Neko Harbour, Wilhelmina Bay and possibly the southerly Petermann Island inhabited by abundant wildlife: Weddell, Crabeater and Elephant seals, skuas and other seabirds as well as an abundance of penguins including immense colonies of the comical Adelie penguin.

Half Moon Island is another highlight where a breeding colony of chinstrap penguins share their territory with fur seals and blue-eyed shags. We also hope to see the gentle Humpback whale dining on krill in its feeding grounds and possibly have an opportunity to observe Orcas and Minkes as we go. 

We finally arrive on the continent of Antarctica docking at Paradise Harbour or Neko Harbour. The scenery here is dazzling, in particular the sculptural icebergs as well as the colossal 'tabular' icebergs that break away from the continent's ice shelf.

If the weather allows it, we will land and camp overnight.

All meals included (excluding drinks)
Antarctica Camp
Days 9 to 10: Drake Passage
Leaving this magical place behind we make our way north, heading back across the Antarctic Convergence and Drake Passage before rounding Cape Horn.

As we head back towards Cape Horn Commerson's, Peale's and Dusky dolphins will be our likely companions as we continue our journey homewards.

Sailing down the Beagle Channel we conclude our Polar adventure with a farewell dinner.

All meals included (excluding drinks)
Dining Room
Day 11: Disembark Ushuaia

In the early morning, we will arrive back in Ushuaia. It is time to say farewell to your crew and fellow travelers. 

Clients will be transported to their hotels or to the airport for onward travel.

All meals included while on board (excluding drinks)

Note On Kayaking

If you wish to take part in sea kayaking during the trip and you have some experience, you must book this before you leave home as it cannot be booked onboard

Sea Kayaking